This is Us!

Every Tuesday at 9 p.m., I watch the show "This is Us' on NBC with my 16 year old daughter. It is one show that we both love. Let's be honest, it's the only show that we both watch together. Our taste of shows are a bit different. I don't care to watch MTV reality shows and The Kardashians and she doesn't care to watch "Fixer Upper." It's a mutual agreement. But last night's show on " This is Us" really spoke to me. If you haven't seen it, you may want to stop reading because here's a bit of a spoiler alert. Well, Kevin is in rehab for abusing alcohol and pills and the whole family is in therapy with him to help him recover. Kevin goes to tell his family how he honestly feels and why he thin

Gillian and Jayson | Married | Virginia Beach Oceanfront

From the minute I walked into the room where the ladies were getting ready for the big day, I knew that Gillian and Jayson's wedding day was going to be a great time! First of all, it was on New Years Eve so it was inevitable! I was in awe by how beautiful all of the ladies looked in their glitzy bridesmaids dresses and how gorgeous Gillian looked. Being that it was 26 degrees (felt like 10 degrees) with wind gusts at 20 mph, we were very limited in outdoor portraits but the bride ad groom bared the cold and wind for their first look. That was easily my favorite part of the day! I just loved how Jayson's face lit up when he saw his bride in her wedding dress! The ceremony had little touches

Megan & Zach | Married | Williamsburg Inn

I am so excited to share Megan and Zach's wedding with you! Megan and Zach were engaged during Halloween of this year and right after that Megan asked me to photograph their wedding. I was so ecstatic. I have known Megan since freshman year of high school. The next couple of months flew by. We did their engagement session shortly after then a few weeks later, we did Megan's bridals. Megan and Zach were married on December 29, 2017 at the beautiful Williamsburg Inn right in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg. It was so dreamy. Unlike our other sessions, the sun was out shining on their special day. It was a bit chilly but they handled it like champs. The night continued with lots of dancing a

Alex is a natural light photographer who loves a pop of color and the golden light of the sun.

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