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The Two Men in my Life

When I met my husband (Christian) almost eleven years ago, he came as a package deal: himself and his 2 year old pit-bull mix named Boss. He was the cutest little thing I have ever seen, the dog that is and oh Christian too!

Growing up, I was raised in a family that always had a dog and a cat or two. But I never had a connection with an animal as I do with Boss. I have never been scared that Boss was a pitbull! He is one big teddy bear. When my daughter was four years old, she could roll on top of him and her would just lay there and take it. Boss has made our house a home. Victoria knows him as her brother, not just adog.

Christian adopted Boss when he was in college from a family that needed to rehome him. Boss lived with a total of five fraternity brothers in one apartment at the time. He was very loved and even had a margarita or two (Mommy would have not approved that if she was around haha). When Christian and I decided to move in with each other, there was no question if Boss was coming along for the ride. He was now my dog and I would love him like he was my son.

Boss has taught us so much. He taught us to love something other than ourselves! He has shown us that animals have feelings too! He has taught us that sometimes in life, we need to stop and relax a little by giving him a belly scratch. No matter how crappy our day has been, he is always waiting at the door for us wagging his tail. Having Boss has taught us to enjoy the journey. A car ride is easily the highlight of his day. He has also taught us to appreciate the little things in life.Boss has shown us that he loves us no matter what.

Over the passed two years, we have had a few health scares with Boss and due to him being an old man now, we have grown to appreciate everything that this boy has done for us. Christian will do anything for Boss. He makes him a crockpot, organic whole chicken every week to be added to his food just to make sure he has the nutrition that he needs. He gives him the walks that he needs. He takes him to every doctor appointment that is needed. He would jump in front of a moving train if Boss was in danger of getting hit. Boss is his everything. Us too of course:) I have witnessed a love like no other with these two.

These two men in my life have taught me to treat everyday like it's my last and to love unconditionally!

Do you have a fur baby that you would do anything for? How have they impacted your life?

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