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Ashleigh and Trey | Virginia Beach Maternity

I have had the pleasure to capture Ashleigh and Trey when it was just the two of them, their gender reveal and now their maternity session. I see Ashleigh on a daily business since we both work together. I have watch her grow into a beautiful momma that just gets pretty every day. :) Ashleigh and Trey are naming their baby girl Kinley Harper. Isn't that name just to die for? Soon sweet baby Kinley Harper will be gracing us with her presence and I cannot wait to capture them as a family of three. I hope Kinley Harper has red hair like her momma! :)

For this photo shoot, Ashleigh and I decided that Virginia Beach was the best location. Ashleigh's maternity dress went so well with the blue water and her gorgeous red hair. She also brought two other casual outfits to get a variety of shots. Ladies, if you are pregnant or plan to get pregnant, especially with your first child, hire a photographer and get dressed in a gown. Capture the beauty of being pregnant. I have one picture of me when I was pregnant (for many reasons) and I regret all the time that I did not have more pictures of my growing baby bump taken. It is such an important time in your lives. Do this for you and your baby. You won't forget, I promise!

If you scroll down to the bottom, I included some blooper pictures from our shoot. Ashleigh literally has the best personality so I know she won't mind :)

Here are some bloopers of Ashleigh! She is such a good time and I always have a blast when I am around her!

This is how I feel after I eat every night! haha :)

Thank you for stopping by!

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