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First Landing State Park Engagements | Irene and Michalis

Wow! It' like I have won the jackpot with all of my couples lately. Irene and Michalis make me feel like I have won the double jackpot.

I met this wonderful couple months and months ago at the cutest little coffee shop. You may have seen them before on my blog because I shot Irene sister's wedding in May. I can't tell you how happy I am to have gotten to know this family. I get to see them all again in August for their wedding.

Irene and Michalis love water and boats, so living in Coastal Virginia, there are a lot of water locations to choose from. I have been dying to shoot an engagement session at First Landing so when I suggested it, there was no hesitation on their part. She saw the pictures of this beautiful state park online and thought it was beautiful!

Coastal Virginia has been getting hit by some pretty rough thunderstorms lately but we lucked out for this session. It was touch and go all week with the forecast but the rain held up for us. The minute we left the session, the downpours came. Talk about lucky!

Irene and Michalis started out their session with cute nautical colored outfits and moved to super romantic numbers! When they told me that they wanted to end the session in the water, I about died. Excuse me while I swoon over these pictures. It reminds me of the movie "The Notebook."

Their love for one another is just so lovely. They love to laugh and joke around. It was so cute watching them interact. In some cases, I think they forgot I was there :)

Look at this cuteness! Irene's sister, Marianna, had to jump in and get this cute photo!

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