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Well, Hello there. We Are

Alex & Christian

We are a husband and wife team that love everything about weddings and capturing all the small moments that make big impacts. We are lucky enough to have the most wonderful clients that that trust us to be creative.  

We love the outdoors and adventurous couples who are willing to jump in the water and take in those small unforgettable moments.  

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Hey Y'all!

I'm  Alex. I love absolutely anything that has to do with the outdoors. If I could hike on trails all day everyday, life would be complete.  

Well, I am not your typical photographers story. I never really knew that I wanted to be a photographer As a kid, I thought I wanted to be a chef but soon realized that was a big fat no (even though I still love to cook.) Then when I started college, my intentions were to go into the medical field. The that changed when I realized I wanted to be an elementary teacher. Funny huh? 

After I fulfilled my dream of becoming a teacher, I realized quickly that as much as I like my summers off I needed to explore the creative side of me. 


You see, my husband, bought me my first dslr camera for my college graduation gift so I could start to capture my family moments but low and behold I really loved it. So one summer, I asked a few of my friends to model for me to see if I could do something with this new hobby of mine. When I got home from my session, I showed Christian the photos I took, and he said that I may have something here. 

And that's how photography became my passion. I still teach my first graders during the school year. Who says that you can have only one passion. 

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