Get Off Your A** and Get to Work!

What are you doing??? Get your ass up and off your phone and get it done!!! But first read this post hehe Let me be honest with you for a minute!!!! I am sick and tired of hearing “But I just can’t!” or “I don’t know where to begin!” In today’s society, we have literally everything at our finger tips. Rather you want to lose weight, go on a trip, change jobs, buy a new car, or get out of a bad relationship, you have to change your mindset and make your dreams come true!!! Yeah yeah, I know what you are thinking, “Alex, you have no idea what I am going through! You aren’t in my shoes!” And you are absolutely right! I am not in your shoes. But guess what, you are not in my shoes and you don’t

Brooke and Scott | Fort Boykin | Smithfield

Back in 2017, Brooke and Scott were my first official bride and groom for our business. They trusted me enough back then and I was so excited when Brooke asked me to do another session with them before Scott had to leave for a tour. I haven't seen these two in over a year but once we saw each other, it was like no time had passed. I was super stoked when their dog, Reef joined in on all of the fun! He's such a fun loving dog and it's pure entertainment to watch him go back and forth into the water. I honestly don't know how Reef could handle the cold water!! It was 25 degrees and windy as you know what during this session. But looking at these portraits, you couldn't even tell! It was litera

Jessica | Maternity | Suffolk, Virginia

Having the pleasure to do maternity portraits for a friend is always so wonderful! Jessica is glowing from head to toe. It was cold, cold, cold on Saturday and we were expecting a winter storm so we pushed up the time to the morning. Jessica and Bryan were such troopers! It was in the 30's and to us Virginians, that's cold. They met me in a beautiful neighborhood in Suffolk. Suffolk never disappoints. I can't wait to see their baby boy in the next couple of weeks! I wish you all the luck Jessica and Bryan!!! You two are going to be amazing parents!

Austin + Meredith | Puppy Announcement | Virginia Beach

A few weeks ago before Christmas, Austin contacted me wanting to get Meredith a session for a Christmas present. He mentioned that they were getting a puppy so he would love to get photos of the family: Austin, Meredith , Bailey and Sadie!!! I love everything about this. If you know me, you know I have a huge heart for people that treat their pets like their children! Pets love unconditional and being greeted at the door after a long days work is by far the best thing! We met at the very popular Pleasure House Point. That location has so many different looks with its long grasses and pine trees! I definitely a favorite! Now here's to puppy fever!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Alex is a natural light photographer who loves a pop of color and the golden light of the sun.

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