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Scholl Wedding | Married | Seven Springs, Virginia

In Virginia, especially in March, you have no idea what the weather will be like. For this particular day, it was the most gorgeous weather that Virginia has seen. Ali and Ethan hit the wedding day lottery. We arrived as Ali was getting her hair/makeup complete and Ethan was singing to the top of his lungs in the cellar of Seven Springs, our home away from home.:) Ali thought of everything right down to the pickle bar for her guests! I did notice how attentive these two were every time they talked to someone and I hope I can learn to be just like them. They have hearts of gold!!! We loved hanging out with them and their friends and family! Congratulations Ali and Ethan! And thank you for having us be apart of your wonderful day!


Wedding Dress | Blue Sage Bridal | Designer : Martin Thornburg

Entertainment | DJ Bill Gilliam

Wedding Cake | Fat Rabbit

Catering | EAT Catering

Bridesmaid Dresses | Kennedy Blue

Grooms Attire | Generation Tux

Makeup and Hair | FBJ Weddings

Transportation | James LImousine


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