The Millers | Married | Smithfield, Virginia

Where do I start? We meet this lovely couple a few months back and we just fell in love. They are so sweet. They decided to have a wedding in the middle of August. You would think that we would be sweating like crazy people but we were blessed with a cloudy day in the 70's. We couldn't have asked for a better day. The gorgeous bride started her day with her favorite lades in the lighthouse of Smithfield Station. It is such a dreamy getting ready location. The guys got ready in the station. As soon as the bride was ready, she had a first look with her dad. It was so sweet. Not a dry eye in the house. Courtney and Blake said their "I do's" in front of over 300 family members and friends in the

Carly + Nate | Maternity | Chix Beach, Virginia

Where do I begin?!?! Oh, I know!!! Holy of all Holies (Not sure that's a word, but who cares)! I love all my sessions but this one is for the books!!! Carly makes pregnancy look like heaven. In most cases it is but she is drop dead gorgeous. Oh and did I mention, she's my friend!!! My husband went to college with her but we didn't become close until around five/six years ago and I am so glad we did. And Nate, we went to high school with one another and never knew of each other :) They are expecting a beautiful baby girl and get this!! They are naming her Perry!!! How adorable is that? Okay, I think I am done gushing now:) I cannot wait to see these two be amazing parents!!! Come on October!!

Brittany + Bobby | Engaged

It's always a pleasure to have friends in front of my camera. Brittany and I have been working together coming on six years now. She's my work bestie. When she started dating Bobby, I was so excited for her. I was very happy to hear that they got engaged. We had a quick mini shoot on their friends beach. It was so fun having them in front of my camera. They looked so beautiful with their sun kissed skin.

Meredith + Austin | Engaged | Chic Beach, Virginia Beach

I was so excited to hear that Meredith and Austin got engaged. He proposed on the day they had their house warming party. How sweet is that? These two live right of the beach so when I came to the session, all we had to do is walk right out of their front door. So cool! Meredith was well prepared for this session with two beautiful dresses and gorgeous jewelry. Austin perfectly complimented her with his nice beach looks. We did have some lightning happening right off the water so I am so glad that we started early before the storms came in. It made some pretty awesome portraits.

Being Content

It has been a hot second since I did a personal blog post. I have just been putting in a lot of time in the business and playing catch up. Next week, real life starts to happen as I go back to teaching ( that just means fall is right around the corner). So I figured I would write a blog about something special and important to me. I feel like the last year, I became a little disconnected to myself and what I really need, We had a very good year with the business and in life in general, but with that success, we had to put our camping trips on hold, which is alright since we have to make sacrifices here and there. I have never really been a materialistic person. Sure I like to feel pretty and

Alex is a natural light photographer who loves a pop of color and the golden light of the sun.

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