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Brooke and Scott | Fort Boykin | Smithfield

Back in 2017, Brooke and Scott were my first official bride and groom for our business. They trusted me enough back then and I was so excited when Brooke asked me to do another session with them before Scott had to leave for a tour. I haven't seen these two in over a year but once we saw each other, it was like no time had passed. I was super stoked when their dog, Reef joined in on all of the fun! He's such a fun loving dog and it's pure entertainment to watch him go back and forth into the water. I honestly don't know how Reef could handle the cold water!! It was 25 degrees and windy as you know what during this session. But looking at these portraits, you couldn't even tell! It was literally freezing but these guys didn't show it!

Thank you Brooke and Scoot for trusting me once again! It's been fun watching your marriage prosper!

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