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Meredith and Matthias | Married | Seven Springs | Wedding

Yay to wedding season being here!!! And with it being Spring, comes spring showers. I do not usually worry about rain on weddings especially since Meredith and Matthias´ wedding is at Seven Springs and it was perfect even with rain. Seven Springs have so much to offer even with rain in the forecast. And who doesn´t love dreamy, romantic photos?!?! I know I do. The minute we got there, the bride and groom were smiling from ear to ear. Not one complaint that it was about to pour on us! I am so happy that they chose us! And a big thank you to Tracy who keeps sending her lovely clients to us! Please enjoy these gorgeous photos!

Dress | Ava Laurenne Bride

Florist | King William Florist

Venue | Seven Springs

Entertainment | Dj Dave Rave

Videographer | Something Blue Films

Caterer | Cater 2 Events

Bridesmaid Dresses | Kennedy Blue

Groomsmen attire | Mens Wearhouse

Hair and Makeup | FBJ Weddings

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