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Carly + Nate | Maternity | Chix Beach, Virginia

Where do I begin?!?! Oh, I know!!! Holy of all Holies (Not sure that's a word, but who cares)! I love all my sessions but this one is for the books!!! Carly makes pregnancy look like heaven. In most cases it is but she is drop dead gorgeous. Oh and did I mention, she's my friend!!! My husband went to college with her but we didn't become close until around five/six years ago and I am so glad we did. And Nate, we went to high school with one another and never knew of each other :)

They are expecting a beautiful baby girl and get this!! They are naming her Perry!!! How adorable is that? Okay, I think I am done gushing now:) I cannot wait to see these two be amazing parents!!! Come on October!! Oh and when you look at these photos, you may want to have a box of tissues next to you because she so pretty!!!

Look what happened when the sun was setting? OMG that lighting!!

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