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The Funke Family | Windsor Castle Park

Let me just say that the Funke family is amazing. From the minute that Morgan and I started exchanging emails to the end of our session,I just couldn't stop smiling! I gushed about them the whole night with my husband! Haha! They asked to have their session at Windsor Castle Park because Morgan really liked the pond and the red barns. Unfortunately, the red barns were a no go. The city funded a project to restore all of the buildings and they recently sanded all of the barns down to the bare wood. Some are only halfway down.

The forecast called for storms during our session but when I drove in, we had blue skies. That didn't last long. The storm clouds came rolling in at a super fast mode. The sky was completely gray by the time they drove into the parking lot. By some miracle, not a drop of rain fell out of the sky for the entire hour. Their little boy, Micah, was all smiles despite not having a nap. He was such a little trooper. He will be turning the "Big 1" this coming week!

Thank you to the Funke family for trusting me to capture this beautiful time in your lives. Enjoy!

Micah is too cute!

Dads give the best piggy back rides!

Showing off those teeth!

Such a pretty momma!

Thanks for stopping by!

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