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Tim and Savanna | Engaged

Let me just begin with how sweet Savanna is! She emailed me asking if I would photograph her wedding in February next year. Of course I said yes! Then a week later, we met for some coffee and I feel in love with this girl! She is beyond adorable and she has the best personality!

Tim lives in Florida where Savanna will be joining him after they get married but I wanted to make sure we somehow get in an engagement session so that they get comfortable behind the camera and so we can get to know one another. When Savanna told me that Tim would be in town this month, we had to make it happen.

The plan was to have a beautiful sunset session at Pleasure House Point but the forecast had other plans for us. I quickly texted Savanna asking her to move up the session to 1pm before it was supposed to rain. I knew that lighting would not be an issue since the sun was not coming out anytime soon. Savanna happily accepted and we met for a early afternoon session.

Right when we got there, it started to rain:( But being so outgoing, Savanna and Tim dove right into this session with the best attitudes! They killed it! I would have to put this down as my favorite session and portraits to date! Just by watching their interactions with one another, I could tell that they are head over hills in love! I cannot wait until their wedding in February at the gorgeous Historic Post Office!


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