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Scheil Family | Family Portraits

When my big brother, Jason says he's coming into town for a weekend visit, you know we have to fit in a family session. The last time they had family pictures, my nephew, Maddox was only one years old. He is turning 5 this weekend. So you could say that it was about time!

Over the past five years, it has been fun witnessing my brother being a dad mainly through Facebook and Skype because he is in the Army and was in Alaska the first few years of Maddox's life. Now, they are in North Carolina and only four hours away so we get to see each other a whole lot more.

Jessica, my sister-in-law literally feels like a sister to me. We have always gotten along and we just feel very comfortable hanging out with one another.

For their family session, we went to the lovely Bennett's Creek Park in Suffolk where there are trails, a park and piers. Unfortunately it had been raining all weekend but we got a very small window to take the photos.

As my brother's usual self, we goofed off a lot but with that, I got a lot of genuine smiles and laughs (my favorite).


He likes to flex in pictures! haha

And I'll leave you with this!

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