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Learning to Love Who I Am

Whoa!!! Where did summer go?!?!?! I have been so busy with the business and just having a good time that time just flew by!

The other day, I was thinking of how my summer has gone and how great it has been. When we lost our dog in June, to keep my mind off of it, I decided to keep myself busy. I worked in my office, in my garden and the school garden. And in turn of keeping myself busy, I have been so happy mentally. You see, as a teacher, I have the summers off and normally that is great but by the second week, I am pretty bored and sad. Pretty much depressed. I realized that I needed to keep myself busy in order to feel relevant. I love to work. I love my days off but I love to work just as much. It's healthy for the mind.

Any who, as this summer went along, I realized that I really didn't care to put on makeup or do my hair. I have just embraced who I am naturally. This is huge for me. If you know me well, before this summer, I would never leave the house without makeup on and my hair done. I truly felt ugly if I didn't do my makeup. I have always had acne issues since I was 14 and I have always been insecure about it. And my hair is one big half curly/fizzy mess when I let it dry on it's own.

We all have our insecurities of course. I used to get joked in school because I was a skinny string bean who got taller than all the boys in middle school. Honestly though, that didn't bother me. My momma taught me early on that if someone jokes you about your body than they are usually insecure about themselves. But there are things that bothered me without anyone joking me. I have always hated how small my eyes are, how invisible my eyebrows are, or how my chin looks and of course I have insecurities about other body parts haha. But for the first time in my life, I am starting to embrace who I am and what was given to me. Of course, I will still do my makeup to go out on date night with my hubby and for work but I'm not so worried about going to the store without full face makeup on or what I look like on a hike with my family.

We just got back from an epic vacation of adventures of camping, hiking and sight seeing in California and Utah and I can tell you that I only put on makeup a few times. My hair was a mess most days and I didn't give one thought to it. I felt so free! So for now on I am going to embrace me for who I am and not worry about people asking if I am feeling alright because I must be sick since I look like crap (haha people always do that). So ladies I challenge you to embrace who you are and say screw it. You are beautiful the way you are!

Thank you for visiting. Thank you to my hubby and my daughter for snapping these photos of me. My curls are three days old and no makeup!

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