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Suvi and Max's Baby Shower

A few months ago, Suvi contacted me about photographing her baby shower in Richmond. Let me just say that I love that she wanted her baby shower documented by a professional. She just wanted to make this joyous time lasted forever through photos. The location was dreamy at the Stone Barn in Maymont Park and the fall leaves were showing of for us!

Suvi and Max are truly the sweetest couple that we have ever met. They constantly made sure that we were well taken care of. Even though they had their maternity photos already done a few weeks prior, we still wanted to make sure that we snuck a few maternity photos in. You cannot tell that Suvi is almost full term. She has this tiny tini baby belly and it's so adorable!

As for details, Suvi did not let one detail be forgotten. She even hand drew the beautiful Hindi God Ganesh (Lord of Good Fortune who provides prosperity, fortune and success) for her gifts for her guests. Talk about talent!

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