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Kimberly & John | Married | Virginia Crossings Hotel

Rewind to three weeks ago. I received an email from Kimberly asking us to photograph her wedding. Then came the phone conference and after speaking with her, I realized how down to earth she was. So, of course I said yes to this amazing woman.

Fast forward to this past Saturday, the forecast was calling for thunderstorms all day after 2 p.m. When we arrived at the venue, the clouds were rolling in heavy and I knew we had to move quickly. Thank the heavens that Kimberly and John decided to do a first look. We had only 20 minutes to get in their portraits before the ceremony. Right after we came in, the clouds were relentless. During the whole ceremony, it rained like cats and dogs. Kimberly and John just smiled away and didn't allow it to mess up their day!!! I LOVE THAT! All they wanted was to get married and show their love for one another. Ummm did I die and go to heaven?!?!

The rest of the evening was about enjoying family and dancing the night away!

Kimberly and John,

Thank you for choosing us to be apart of your special day and taking such good care of us. It's couple's like you that keep us loving what we are doing!

Thanks for stopping by!

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