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Alyssa + Trey | Richmond Engagement

Okay! I am wondering how I have been so lucky to get the couples that I get! Seriously! They are down to earth and beautiful!!! They are completely head over heels for one another and love each other to pieces! Alyssa and Trey literally melted my heart as I was behind the camera capturing their love for one another!

It all started last year when Alyssa booked me nearly two years ahead of time! This girl is prepared! I love that! I had to wait until this year to meet them in person!! The anticipation was killing me! We hit it off on the phone conference so I knew we would hit it off in person! Alyssa had a wonderful idea of starting the session in Byrd Park and finishing up at Belles Isle! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Belles Isle! I grew up climbing the rocks and I was so happy to share that beautiful park with them! This two were so great in front of the camera and willing to get in any type of bush or weeds that I asked them to get in :) You see, I am the type of person that likes to take the unexpected spots and turn them into gold!!! A field of overgrown weeds is my favorite!! They hit every pose and prompt with laughter!!!

I think it is safe to say that I am so excited to see Alyssa in her wedding dress! I mean come on!!! She is beautiful! The awesome thing about their wedding date, we will have the same anniversary!!

Thank you Alyssa and Trey for braving the cold with me!! You guys are awesome!!!

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