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Brunner Family | Family Lifestyle Session

I have been dying to do Bridget's family lifestyle session since this summer when she won my giveaway! I was so happy that she won! The Brunner family lives only a mile and a half from where I lived during my high school years in Hickory. Hickory will always hold a special place in my heart! It has wide open spaces (que the Dixie Chicks) and the friendliest people! Everyone waves to one another as you pass them on the roads! It's such a large place but has such a small town feel!

Bridget and Adam are raising their three gorgeous kids on this nice chunk of land and they have farm animals!!! They have lots of ducks, chickens, a pig, and some donkeys!! I think it is so great especially in this day in age, they these children get to grow up this way! They get to roam the land and feed animals!! The Brunner family can adopt me any day now!

Bridget has a love for Volkswagens so there are a few laying around so of course we had to get some pictures of them!!

Any who, I could go on and on but thank you Bridget and Adam for allowing me to capture y'all's beautiful family!

Doesn't Bridget look like a classic country singer!!! Ahh I love it!

Look at this little ham!!!

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