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The Kennedy's | Married | Poquoson Yacht Club

Where do I begin? Last year, Elizabeth contacted me about being her wedding photographer for her and Eric's wedding. Elizabeth and I had an instant connection and I knew that I wanted to do their wedding. We met on multiple occasions and we chatted almost daily about all the plans. I like to get to know my brides before their wedding but the two of us are definitely on good friends level. It makes the wedding day so special. I know what she is looking for in her portraits and her style.

A week before their wedding, she texted me nervous about the forecast. It showed showers for the entire wedding day. I told her not to worry this far ahead. As the week went by though, the forecast was not changing. Elizabeth went ahead a purchased a ton of clear umbrellas for the wedding party. The day finally came and it called for afternoon showers. Elizabeth was almost done getting ready when I arrived which helped speed up the timeline somewhat.

We all arrived at the beautiful Poquoson Yacht Club that sits on the water. They elected to do a first look and oh I'm I so happy they did. He was so excited to see his gorgeous bride, but soon after, we heard the thunderstorms rolling in. Luckily, we were able to get most of the portraits in. One hour prior to the ceremony, the rain began. we were all eyeballing the radar like something fierce. Eric was determined to give his bride what she wanted and decided that rain or shine, the wedding would be outside. I find that so romantic. The ceremony was moved up by ten minutes. During the ceremony, it was quite windy but not one drop of rain!

As the bride was riding in her dad's convertible to the ceremony, we all witnessed the most beautiful thing: the groom, the best man and the groomsmen were all crying. How sweet!!! It just shows you how much they all love each other. During the entire 25 minute ceremony, Eric and Elizabeth didn't take their eyes off one another. After all the 'I do's" were said, they cheered walking back done the aisle and ended in a long, sweet kiss.

As the night went on, the DJ had everyone on the the dance floor, when the sun finally set and it started to rain, we snuck out the newlyweds for some night shots in the rain!!! These are by far my favorite wedding portraits to date!

Eric and Elizabeth,

We are so excited for the two of you and what your future holds. We had the best time and I am so glad we get to call you friends!!!