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Meggie + Charlie | Virginia Beach Engagements Part 2

When I started my photography business just a few months ago, Meggie and Charlie were my first couple who contacted me about capturing their engagement session. To say the least, I was nervous as all get out but of course Meggie and Charlie are the sweetest!

For my couples, I offer a two-part session package at two different locations so that they can get different scenes and a variety of pictures. For this session, we met at a nature park that had to-die-for views. Neither one of us had ever been there before so we took a chance and it turned out beautifully! (Thanks Candace for the suggestion :) This park gave us beaches, pine trees, blue ponds and much more. It had so much to offer. We were lucky that the sun wasn't too blazing but at the same time, the clouds did cover the sun for a good part of the time so we didn't get the sunset that I was hoping for. But hey, that's okay because the sun peeked out at the best times!

Let me just say that Meggie could wake up in the morning and I would photograph her. She is drop-dead gorgeous! And Charlie just adores her. I am so happy that the two of them found each other and are tying the knot!! They are simply just perfect for each other! Meggie is going to be one beautiful bride come next year!

Thanks for stopping by!

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