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Meghan + Corey | Engagements | Yorktown

Do you know when you are scrolling through social media and one picture you see, stops you in your tracks because you can see the love the couple have for one another. That's Meghan and Corey. Last night I was finishing up their edits for the blog post and I literally lit up inside because of how much I love these two lovebirds in front of my camera! Their body language screams love and care for one another.

Months ago, I was contacted by Meghan about photographing their wedding next year. She is also a photographer and I just knew that she would be a bride I would want to have. She is so personable and is just a pure joy to talk to! We text one another pretty much every week! haha! She's adorable. Before I even met Corey, I knew he was going to be down to earth! I was right! He's so sweet! These two were all about getting in the water at the end of the session. Can you say " Hallelujah!!!!" Those pictures are literally my favorite!

So a little back story to this engagement session. One week prior, the news was flooded with talks about Hurricane Florence. Living in Hampton Roads my whole life, I knew there was a good chance that the hurricane would turn before it hit us. I didn't want to reschedule this session until we absolutely had too! I am so glad we didn't! Hurricane Florence barely touched us and the wind added such a beautiful element to the portraits and we practically had the whole beach to ourselves!

Meghan and Corey, I am just so excited for your wedding and I know that Meghan is going to make one breath taking bride!!!! Happy planning you two!

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