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Emily + Austin | Engaged | Yorktown

I met Emily at her brother's wedding this past February. We were lucky to be apart of Savannah and Tim's wedding and now we are lucky enough to be apart of Emily's wedding. At that wedding, I remember Emily being super quiet and just taking in the whole day until the music began. Then that girl was all over that dance floor. I love that about her!

That's how this engagement session was. From the very first picture, these two were full of giggles and literally couldn't stop. It was so cute. They love each other so much! You can just tell by looking at their portraits. They are just down right adorable.

They met in Florida in College. Emily moved back here while Austin accepted a career as a band director in Florida. A few weeks ago, Emily was accepted in P.A. school in Florida so they will be right back in each others arms right after the wedding. I am so happy for them!

I cannot wait to hang out with the Beyer family again! See ya in March you two!