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What a year!!! | 2018 In a Nutshell

We are in awe from all the support and love we have received from family, friends, and clients for our small business! We started this little business a little over two years ago and this year was amazing. When we decided to take on weddings, I was scared out of my mind due to the fact that I was totally out of my comfort zone and it is a huge undertaking. I wasn't sure if I could take on weddings with my teaching career and mommy life. But to be honest, my daughter is on the verge of becoming an adult and out household is slowing changing because of that. But seriously, photographing a wedding is such a big thing and I don't want to be the one who ruins it for the bride and groom. So for those that asked us to be apart of their day, you are so amazing! You trusted us for your big day and we love you for that! We cannot thank you enough.

When we started taking on weddings, we kind of stopped photographing families for a little bit but that changed quickly this fall! We had our busiest season yet and it was amazing! You guys rock!!!

So for my last blog post of 2018, I wanted to share some of our behind the scenes photos. I am sweaty and gross in most of them but lets be honest, you would be too!!

On wedding days, I wear a huge utility belt with all my lens and now two cameras! I may look like a total nerd but gosh it's such a life saver.

It happens to the best of us but I know how to put a veil back in!

I look like a hot mess here haha

I sometimes get to dance with the groom!

Why so serious?!?!

This is from an engagement session! That's why I have jeans on:)

I learned how to dance like the Greeks! It is definitely my type of dancing!

I look like a rabbit when I laugh!

No pictures please!

Me bossing my couples around:) Just kidding! I'm nice. I swear!

He was protecting me from the Tiger!

Always checking my watch to make sure we stay on schedule!

Always setting that train right!

We love a good photobooth!

I see you!

I am always a sweaty mess after the first hour on the job but we have to do a lighting check:)

Kelsey I see you girl!!! If you need a wedding planner, look no further! Kelsey Ann Events is wonderful!!!

Always checking to see if we have the correct lighting!

The funny thing is is that I have a side shutter bottom on my camera and I never use it! That's why my elbow always hurts:(

Love working alongside videographers!

How many people does it take to get a good veil shot? A few:)

Making sure his bride didn't get wet!

Skol Vikings!

Thanks for holding the reflector honey buns!

So happy!

Get that shot babe!

Strike a pose!

We like to camouflage ourselves into the crowd!

Get those detail shots!

Hey Hunny!

We are usually the phone holders for our clients and sometimes forget they are in our pockets:)

Thank you for stopping by!

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