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Tiffany + Cody | Engaged | Suffolk, Virginia

I am gonna just start with that I am obsessed with every single one of these photos!!! Holy cow!!! Tiffany contacted me asking for a session with golden light! Oh did mother nature deliver! Our first initial date ended up being rainy and cloudy which is not that bad but we wanted that golden hour! I am so glad we rescheduled! The light was so delicious!

Tiffany and Cody got engaged not to long ago and they wanted to have a session to celebrate and of course they brought their sweet Chihuahua, Penny. It took a short bit of time to warm up to me but we where besties at the end of the session. I love when couples bring their fur babies to sessions and Penny was so well behaved.

For the location, I picked my secret favorite spot not far from my house. It's just a little field that shows off its beauty during golden hour with its majestic colors. It has so much to offer in such a little space. The bugs were had a nice dinner though. They were tearing us up. But Cody and Tiffany were champs!

Oh and one more thing, how gorgeous is Tiffany?!?! When I saw her, I swore she stepped out of the movie Pearl Harbor with her classic look!

Congratulation Tiffany and Cody! May your future be blessed with absolute happiness!

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