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Haley and Jordan | Fort Monroe | Hampton, Va

I am so excited to share this session. A few months ago, I met Haley at a calligraphy class hosted by Lauren Nicholson of Virginia Handwriting Co. FYI- she's amazing!!! Shout out to Lauren:) Haley and I were wearing the exact same outfit. It was so funny! Any who, a couple of weeks later, Haley told me that she would love to have a anniversary session with her husband. Their three year anniversary is in August so they wanted to get a session.

Oh did they make me so happy when they decided to have a water session. A water session with me starts out with dry pictures :) then towards the end, we all get in the water for some steamy photos and some fun. We got blessed with the best golden hour we could ask for.

You are gonna love scrolling through this session!

These two have the best sense of humors!

And then they was that blue light that came to join us!

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